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Ring RSCDC30 DC To DC Smart Battery Charger 30amp

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The DC-DC Smart Charger by Ring Automotive is able to take power from DC sources such as a vehicle alternator or solar panel and convert it to a multi-stage output to quickly and fully charge an auxiliary battery. 
The unit is particularly suited to utility vehicles, caravans, motorhomes and boats where power may be required away from a mains electrical supply. 
As an alternative to split charge relay systems, it can provide a faster, more intelligent charging solution to ensure batteries are kept in good condition with power always available. 

The unit can also act as a solar regulator, providing a controlled supply from solar panel banks up to 360 watts. Charging efficiency is maximised by using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology which ensures the maximum possible energy is extracted from the solar panel. 

Fully automatic. 
LCD display. 
Input Voltage 10v - 45v. 
Temperature compensation. 
Output voltage 12v. 
Sleep mode to reduce battery drain. 
Solar panel input with MPPT feature. 
Maximises charge into auxiliary battery. 
Programmable for most battery types. 
3-stage smart charge output. 
Low battery shutoff protection. 

Dimensions 236mm x 203mm x 87mm 
Weight 1.8kg 

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